There have been cases where stickers of ‘press’, ‘army’, ‘police’ and ‘judges’ have been misused by criminal elements on vehicles used in crimes.
While in many cases, such stickers are bogus, there are times when original stickers are used on vehicles not used personally by the person to whom the sticker has been issued.
To avoid any misuse and to streamline the issuance of judges’ car parking sticker, guidelines have been put in place.
In a circular issued by the office of the Administrative Civil Judge (Central), it has been announced that the stickers would be issued only for vehicles which are being used by the judicial officer for her/ his office and personal use, and will carry their cadre number and vehicle number.
The stickers will be issued only for vehicles issued in the name of the judicial officers or their spouse.
All the officers of the Delhi Higher Judicial Services and Delhi Judicial Services have been told to ensure that stickers are used only on the vehicles for which they have been issued and “are not misused by any other person”.
The sticker would be valid for one calendar year and would be re-issued if mutilated or destroyed only on the submission of the damaged sticker.
“The sticker issued shall be in the name of Officer with cadre as well as vehicle number on it and no request shall be entertained to issue the sticker without the name or vehicle number of the office concerned,” it said.