Delhi HC has upheld a trial court’s verdict granting divorce to a man on the grounds that his wife had denied him “conjugal bliss”.
In the present matter, the trial court had granted divorce to the man, who got married in February 2002, on the grounds of desertion and cruelty. The man had contended that his wife denied him conjugal bliss for about two months after their marriage and had levelled unproved allegations of adultery.
The SC bench while considering the matter said that the court found no infirmity in the view taken by the family court judge that the husband has been able to establish the grounds on which the marriage has been annulled.
In its verdict, the SC noted that though the woman had levelled allegations of adultery against the man, she could not prove it by way of any evidence.
The court further noted that the allegations made by the wife that her husband is committing adultery have not been proved by relevant evidence. She could neither name the girl nor did she state any fact wherefrom an adulterous relationship could be made out.
The man had moved trial court seeking divorce contending that his wife had initially resisted consummation of the marriage stating that she had a mental block towards sex and had later left the matrimonial house. He further stated that repeated attempts were made to sort out the differences but none were productive.
The woman had contested the plea that she was treated cruelly by her husband and her in-laws due to which she was hospitalised for treatment.


The decision taken by the court is justified, as denial of conjugal bliss is a sufficient ground for divorce because it amounts to cruelty. If such marriages are forced to continue it shall further lead to various other issues like adultery and cheating. Hence, the decision of the court will act as a valuable precedent to divorce cases.