Mr.Pardeep Kumar, (Founder & lawyer)

As a founder of the firm, Mr.Pardeep Kumar was instrumental in the growth and success of AUSTIN SOLON.. A brilliant, larger-than-life figure who spent a lifetime practicing law. His hard work, leadership and mentoring has helped the firm to grow to its current position. Mr. Pardeep Kumar had instilled, nurtured and emphasized in his team the importance of teamwork, efficiency, timeliness and cost-effectiveness. A true leader in all respect, he had always done things differently, thereby inspiring his associates to emulate his ways with a view to improving client satisfaction. AUSTIN SOLON firm will serve as an enduring and living testament to the life and values of Mr. Pardeep Kumar as a lawyer and champion for doing what is right.

He leaves behind an enduring legacy and his contributions to the law firm will long be remembered.

His Professional Journey

He specialized in successful resolution of civil and commercial disputes through arbitration and alternate dispute resolution measures at national and international level. He handled and achieved success in several arbitrations relating to oil & gas, commodities, construction, engineering, international trade and government and private contracts. He had conducted number of arbitrations of ICC Paris, UNCITRAL, American Arbitration Association, London Court of Arbitration, GAFTA, FOSFA and other International Arbitration Associations.

Besides being widely recognized as a leading arbitration and litigation lawyer, he was also acknowledged for his corporate and commercial laws practice. He was an advisor to the corporate clients . He advised clients on foreign collaborations, joint ventures, investments in India & abroad, mergers & acquisitions, international banking and finance, international trade and insurance laws. He had developed a wide client base, including big corporate groups, bankers and insurers throughout the world. He was also a director in many leading private and public listed companies.