The Firm understands that skilful navigation through unfamiliar laws and regulations, treaties, customs and tariffs, bureaucracy, language barriers and unknown business practices is critical to an organization’s success in the global marketplace. When a business crosses one or many borders, the Firm’s strategic legal advice helps its clients to seize and maximize the available opportunities and to manage and minimize the potential risks involved. In this practice, the Firm advises on structuring, negotiating and documenting in the fields of:

  1. Investments in India and Abroad, Joint-Ventures, Foreign Collaborations, Technology Transfers, International Trade
  2. Incorporation of Companies both in India and Abroad/Offshore (including in various tax efficient countries)
  3. Establishment of a Branch, Liaison, Representative or Project Office of a Foreign Company
  4. Regulatory Approvals & Compliances
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions
  6. Corporate Finance
  7. Corporate Re-Organization and Re-Structuring
  8. Privatization
  9. Distributorship, Agency, Franchising, Business Conducting & Other Marketing & Trading Arrangements
  10. Investment and Disinvestments
  11. Due Diligences, Legal Audit and Verification Work
  12. Taxation of Foreign Companies & Foreign Nationals
  13. Company Secretarial Services; and

Other Related Services

As corporate and commercial transactions are becoming increasingly global in nature, the Firm has a large overseas client base and close links with lawyers and other professionals in different jurisdictions throughout the world.