As Kerala battles its worst flood in nearly a century, the academic blocks of The National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi has been functioning as a relief camp, with more than 500 people having registered, and being provided with all necessities sourced from various sources.

A statement issued by Vice Chancellor of NUALS, Prof. (Dr.) Rose Varghese said, “Just to brief our fraternity as many were enquiring. As NUALS is on an elevated plane we had absolutely no flooding. 


As a holiday was declared by the Collector and with Onam holidays, our 5 storeyed academic block is made available as a relief camp with about 564 having registered. We, including our students are providing them with mattresses, blankets etc. They are getting good food and some clothing from various sources. 


Let me thank all for their timely support. Even the big houses have one floor flooded,  their cars immersed and I understand, the fridge floating. All of them are seeking your valuable prayers too. Once again, I thank one and all profusely, on behalf of the victims.”

Meanwhile, all teaching and non-teaching staff of National Law University, Delhi has also decided to contribute one day’s salary, along with other necessary items, to the relief fund. The cheque will be submitted to the fund by Monday, and anybody willing to contribute can contact the college administration.

Kerala is facing an unprecedented crisis, as it has been hit by the worst-floods in 100 years. After heavy monsoon downpour, 35 dams have been opened and 44 rivers are overflowing, deluging most towns of the state across its length and breadth, resulting in loss of about 300 lives. More than 3 lakhs homes and 10,000 kilometers of road have been destroyed. The loss caused is estimated to be about Rs.19,000 crores. About 82,000 persons are reported to have been displaced and shifted to relief camps in the last nine days. Relief and rescue operations are being undertaken by a team under the National Disaster Response Force.

Necessary food and other items are also being sourced from various sources, with citizens teaming up to help in contributing towards several funds constituted for the purpose. The legal bigwigs have stepped forth as well, with Attorney General for India KK Venugopal having donated Rupees One Crore to Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. His son and Senior Advocate Krishnan Venugopal has contributed another Fifteen Lakhs for the relief activities.