A writ petition has been filed before the Supreme Court seeking strict actions against the political parties who drag religion and caste in political campaigns.

Harpreet Mansukhani, an NRI, also prays in her writ petition, to constitute a committee under the Chairmanship of retired Supreme court Judge to have a ‘close watch on entire election process‘ and to ‘check the loyality of election commission‘.

The CJI headed bench has issued notice in this petition. Senior Advocate Sanjay Hegde appeared for the petitioner.

According to her, section 123 of Representation of the People Act has not sufficient potential to ensure corruption free election. She further points out that the spokespersons/Media representatives of political parties/ other politicians those are not contesting the elections use hate speeches on TV channels and social media platform based on Caste or religion line and they get easy escape from all the actions since they usually not contest in election.

“The concept of Secular Democracy promised under the Indian Constitution for purity of elections is mandatory in order for a Democracy to thrive and succeed. It is a must for the Election and other legislative bodies to be kept free from unhealthy corrupt practices and unhealthy appeals of influence of appeals to religion race, caste, community or language that could have devastating effect on a country and its constitution. Elections in India are being mutilated under the evil influence of the “Divide and Rule Policy” through evil influences of caste and religion which has led to communalism of politics which is a major concern for the security of people from the forces within and from forces outside the country. The communalism and caste based politics has crossed all barriers which can result into an unknown alarmingly dangerous situation.”, the petition reads.

The petitioner also urges strict actions against Media Houses those use Caste or Religious lines for their debate Shows. Communal speeches or caste remark would be allowed any sway in election campaigns, they would vitiate the secular atmosphere of democratic life, she says in her petition.