The Firm regularly advises its clients on the establishment of their local offices in India and helps them in tax structuring. The Firm has prime experience in advising its clients in the matters and issues with regard to:

  1. Double Taxations Avoidance (DTA)
  2. Transfer Pricing
  3. Mechanizing and Structuring Business Models for its National and International Clients to ensure the Minimum Tax Liability
  4. Registrations, Documentation, Statutory Returns, Deposits, Rebate/Refund, Chargeability, Appeals, Treaty Interpretation, Withholding Tax
  5. Advance Tax Rulings in respect of a Transaction
  6. Valuation, Related Party Transactions, Classification, Interpretation of Notifications
  7. Filing of Representations before Ministry of Commerce and Finance
  8. Handling Litigations with regard to Income Tax, Excise, Customs, Service Tax, Sales Tax