Corrupt Judicial Officers are to be declared as Anti Nationals, said Justice SM Subramaniam and called for initiating drastic measures in order to control corruptions in various forms.
The judge made this observation while considering a petition challenging suspension of a public servant involved in a criminal offence investigated by the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Wing, Erode.
Common Man Facing Corruption From Birth To Death
In the order, Justice Subramaniam said that every common man is facing corruption from his/her birth to death. The judge said:
“Bribing the public authorities start right from the child in mother’s womb. Even for getting the benefits of Government welfare schemes, people have to bribe the public officials. For instance, a pregnant woman is admitted in a public hospital for delivery. Her family has to bribe the staff members of the hospital and on few occasions, the Doctors also. If you are honest, you may not get proper attendance, adequate medical facilities, decent accommodations etc., in public hospitals”
The judge also described corruption which happens in the education and employment fields. Unless the public servant in the burial ground maintained by the State or Local Bodies, are bribed, the dead body will not get appropriate timings for burial, the judge said.
Corruption In Judiciary
The Judge said that the corruption in judiciary is the greatest enemy to the constitution and judiciary must also initiate drastic measures in order to control corruptions in various forms.
“Corrupt Judicial Officers are to be declared as Anti Nationals, so also the public servants. They are anti-nationals because they are obstructing the developmental activities of our Great Nation. The great thinkers found that corruption is the greatest obstacle for developmental activities. When it is realised that corruption is the obstacle for developmental activities of our great Nation, what kind of designation one can offer. Certainly such persons are anti-nationals. Terrorists are declared as anti-social elements. Thus, persons corrupt and acting against the developmental activities of our Great Nation are also to be declared as anti-nationals. These anti-nationals are not cared about the development of our Great Nation. They are interested in their self-development alone. Nothing wrong to become a rich. However, the process being adopted for achieving one’s ambition or goal must be through the way, which would not affect the interest of our nation and, also would not infringe the rights of all other co-citizen.”
Inject Patriotism In The Blood Of Children
The judge lamented that the social evil of corruption has now become an accepted social phenomenon and the way of life for many people Justice Subramaniam has also offered solutions to the problem of corruption. He said:
“Philosophies and ethos of the constitution, which are to be borne in mind and is to be taught to the citizen right from their childhood. Patriotism is to be injected in the blood of the children of this Great Nation. A distinct and different perceptions and high thought level, are certainly required The minority non-corrupt and right thinking persons are necessarily to be encouraged and protected by the Constitutional Courts and the Authorities Competent to ensure that fight against majority corrupt is advanced. The minority non-corrupt are ‘Pandavas’ and the majority corrupt are ‘Kauravas’. This Court is of the fond hope that the minority non-corrupt will certainly win the battle field against the corruption, if the spirit of democracy and constitutional principles are advanced and implemented amongst the youth of this Great Nation..”